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Bravo Company USA, Inc. is your source for parts, & tactical accessories for your AR-15, M16, M4 Carbine. AR15 Upper Receivers, M4 Barrels, Bolt Carriers, AR-15 Magazines, M4 Carbine Stocks. Tactical Light Mount Tactical Light Mount, Vltor, Daniel Defense, MI (Midwest Industries) Impact Weapons Components Scout Light Mount-N-Slot - Brownells

IWC Mount-N-Slot TMC 1-inch light mount is one of the lightest weight mounts available to add a light to Magpul MOE Carbine length handguards as well as traditional M4-style round handguards.

IWC SMC Scout Light Mount-N-Slot - IWC SMC Scout Light Mount-N-Slot Product Details: IWC designed our SMC (Side Mount Cantilevered) Scout Light Mount with AMBI mounting capability, so you can place the ... SMC Light MOUNT-N-SLOT from IWC | Jerking the Trigger

SMC Light MOUNT-N-SLOT from IWC | Jerking the Trigger

Designed with IWC's proprietary KML Reversible Mounting Nut, which engages the inside of the Original width slot or simply reverse the nut to the M-LOK compatible design and attach to M-LOK compliant slots QD Micro Installed by IWC in YOUR Magpul MOE Handguard When your MOE arrives, IWC will professionally install your QD Micro Mount-N-SLOT into your MOE. Home Impact Weapons Components designs, patents & manufacturers Thorntail2, Thorntail & Mount-N-SLOT Accessory Mounts For Firearms with M-LOK, 1913, KeyMod, Slots & Holes.

Aug 24, 2011 ... I have since went to using a MOE hand guard with the IWC mount-n-slot light mount. This positions the light (Surefire G2x) at the right location ...

There had to be a better way. In pursuing their website, I came across one of IWC’s original mounts; the TMC Scout Light MOUNT-N-SLOT which is a cantilever mount that is supposed to mount to the M4 handguards through the vent holes in the top. I looked at it and said, why would that not work if I drilled the holes in the top of the MOE SL? A bit late on Impact Weapons Components -